Hammer/Anvil Lord Trait Question

I just wanted to clarify that I’m reading the Hammer/Anvil Lord traits correctly. The way I understand it, that one trait essentially gives you a small army/fleet, including the affiliation, and reputation for 1-3 circles points. Is this correct?

In any case, would a character with this trait later have to expend resource points to get one of his ships to fire on another ship?


Hi Rod,

You’re correct. The Clan Leader trait does the same.

I’m not certain I understand the second question. Are you asking if the Anvil Lord and Hammer Lord traits grant color vehicles or hard tech vehicles?

The basic iteration of the trait makes the basic iteration of the vehicles available. Usually shuttles and assault sleds.

Most Anvil and Hammer Lords I know buy a personal cruiser or assault shuttle wing in character burning.


Thanks, Luke.
You rephrased the question exactly as I meant it: do such ships count as hard tech or color? But you answered that question as well. Thanks. I’m sure I’ll have a few more questions as we proceed.

My group has been playing BW for a couple of months now with a different GM, and I decided to give BE a go. I’m having a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around how color and hard tech works, but I’m hoping that works itself out in play. We burned a world and characters last session, so this week will be our first action session.
Thanks again for the quick reply!

Color is stuff you describe and talk about and use to embellish a scene or make sense of a certain situation in game.

Hard tech modifies a roll or makes a roll or provides your character with an ability to affect the numbers of another character.


My understanding is that if you wanted your Color Fleet to fire upon Palace of your enemyu (a Property for example) you would only haver to buy the weapons system (for that conflict), or if your recon satalite was to help you during a ground based Firefight you would onky have to buy the Automated system (or tools) for the Survaliance system… the rest of the satalite remains as color.