Handling the Winter Phase in a tropical climate campaign?

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Long time stalker, first time poster here.

As the title suggests, I’m looking for input as to how to incorporate Winter in a campaign taking place in an equatorial region of a world. I don’t see the rainy season being as much of a deterring factor for adventurers looking for loot, and summer replacing winter seems strange, as it’s damn hot at all times of the year.

I also don’t want to skip it, as that phase seems really fun.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

I recommend watching William Friedkin’s film Sorcerer, then see how you feel about rainy season as a time to go adventuring. :wink:

The real world is full of various festivals around the rainy season. Especially in South Asia.

You could just as easily change Winter phase to Monsoon phase and run it as is. Conditions are earned every three turns due to suffocating humidity.

Much thanks for the input, all!

I particularly liked this answer, and just may roll with it :slight_smile:

I primarily just want a reason for the adventurers to take a break from dungeoneering for an extended period. This should work rather well.

Take “La Saga de los Confines” (traslated “Saga of the Borderlands” I think) novels where the husihuilke tribes cease their constant warring to trade one last time before the rainy season.

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