Help me hit Beliefs and Instincts

So, I’ve started running Mouse Guard with a couple of folks at the local game store. We started with pre-gens and the Deliver the Mail mission, then did a couple of missions of my own design, but I just can’t seem to design a mission to hit the character’s beliefs and instincts.

The characters are:

Graham (Patrol Leader and “rangery” type) - Belief = No Mouse is too lowly to deserve my help, Instinct = Never give quarter in any conflict

Loralai (Tenderpaw, from Sprucetuck) - Belief = Science is the key to Mouse Evolution, Instinct = Always Look before you Leap

We have a third player who may or may not join us again, who played the pre-gen Baron last time.

Now - I know that those are probably not the best beliefs and instincts around (we’re all new to this Burning stuff), but that aside, any advice on a mission that would hit those? I had thought of something with a mad-scientist type mouse who was using convicted criminals in experiments and/or turning them over to weasels, and putting the PCs in a position where they have to help/save the mad-scientist, but I really have no idea.


Here are my off the cuff thoughts

Graham: No mouse too lowly? What about a highly placed mouse? Does the Belief apply there? What if a beggar mouse has a terrible contagious disease? Will you help him then?
Graham Instinct: Set up a situation in which graham he to guard the retreat of his companions against overwhelming odds. Or a situation in which retreat is practical and reasonable – does he still throw himself into danger? Set up a situation in which an opponent begs mercy as part of a compromise.
Loralai: Science? Massive animal problems that can only be confronted with science. Or a problem in which a dye mill is polluting a river. Is science the answer or does mother nature need to be allowed to take over?
Loralai Instinct: When fleeing from danger, confront her with danger. She sees it, what does she do about it? Or in a metaphorical sense, set up a confrontation with a powerful mouse. Does she dig up dirt on him/her beforehand? If she does, make sure the dirt implicates someone she cares about.