Help Understanding Weapons


  1. Add any bonus dice before you roll. So I’m guessing if I have a Halberd and Attack, I add +1D to my Fighter dice.
  2. Add +1s or +2s if the roll is successful or tied. Which is it? Is it +1s if 1handed and +2s if 2handed? Otherwise how do I decide if it’s +1s or +2s?
  3. Bow reads “Versus Attack against all except Bows and XBows.” So this means a Bow can’t Defend, Feint or Maneuver UNLESS the enemy is using a Bow?
  4. If you’re Disarmed, can the weapon be picked up again or is it lost for the Conflict?
  5. Are ALL Defends “Regroups” or must you specifically state you are Regrouping?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Correct.

  2. Where are you seeing +1s or +2s? I don’t recall any weapon in the game off the top of my head that provides +2s.

  3. No. It means that if you have chosen to Attack, and your opponent has also chosen to Attack, you treat it as a versus test rather than an independent test (which attack against attack usually is). In other words, choosing Attack is a fairly safe option when you have a bow. This benefit is negated if your opponent is also wielding a bow or a crossbow.

  4. You’ll have to wait for the end of the conflict to pick it up (assuming it isn’t lost or broken as part of the compromise of the conflict).

Page 72, upper right under “Using Weapons”. The second bullet reads “Add +1s or +2s if the roll is successful or tied, but not if failed.”

Also, does “Fresh” apply to add +1D to Conflicts? Thanks!

You add +s after the roll if it’s tied or successful. You add whatever the weapon says to add. I can’t think of any weapons that add more than +1s, but go by the individual entry.

The Fresh condition applies to any and all rolls by the character with that condition.

Another question please -

Can you change “What’s At Stake” mid-stream?

For example, the party decides they want to kill a group of Kobolds. After the first actions, they are almost all dead! So now they want to Flee! Can they switch to Flee! with their remaining disposition or must they now complete the Kill conflict for good or ill?


By default, you must complete the Kill conflict. But here are some optional rules I’ve been playing around with:

I like the optional rules - but one question - if someone gets knocked to 0 disposition in the fight, can’t they have “fled” anyway? I ask because I thought it was a role played decision with the fate of a character going to 0 - that character can be unconscious, stunned, flee, etc?

Think of it like a television show or movie. That character is in an indeterminate state. Maybe they’re hurt, maybe they’re not. The camera just isn’t following them anymore.