Help with Large Patrols

Hey All,

I Just got back into GMing some Mouse Guard, and I’ve got a rather large group that wants to play. Not including me, we’ve got a 7 mouse patrol, which as you can expect makes getting anything done a chore and conflicts are confusing at best. Does anyone have any pro tips on how to run a group this large?

  1. {channeling Luke} Don’t do it…

  2. If you must…

Enforce a 2 helper limit on actions, and 2 helpful teams limit. This strongly encourages breaking up into multiple teams.

Don’t divvy up the NPC’s into teams until the player teams are up.

Remember: the WWAM Wilderness Weather Animal Mouse. Use 1 planed encounter per 2 players (minimum 2), and one twist encounter plus another per 3. make certain to use WWAM evenly as you can, but encounter #5 in any session should be whatever works best and doesn’t count.

Explicitly limit player actions to unique skills every so often… if only one guy has lore, make certain that at least 2 encounters give lore as an option.

Split the party every few sessions for at least one encounter each. ALWAYS run one encounter for each as a minimum when they do split up.

Play 2 games.