Helping dice for NPC's: How much is enough?

In my next session, the patrol will be doing a Versus test against an army.
“Wha…?” You say…
Yes. The Patrol is finding an alternate path around a rebel army from Barkstone in order to try and arrive at Lockhaven ahead of time and warn the Guard of impending attack. The Patrol is doing a Pathfinder Versus test against the army’s own Pathfinder mouse, who has a total of 7 dice: Pathfinder 5, Terrain-wise 4, and a Trait: Natural Bearings (2) (2 helping dice from wise/traits.). He also has Scout 5, which I’m not sure he can add… Thoughts?
Anyway. My thoughts are that he’s leading an army, and undoubtedly has other commanding officers and conscripts who could have helpful skills, wises and traits to bolster his rolls. How many helping dice would I add? Is there a protocol or rule for this? The fact is that I can picture saying “well, I’ve got 200 mice, 15 of whom can offer helping dice. Try and beat my roll of… (roll)… 17!”
How many dice should I REALLY be rolling in this situation?

I could also make a case that the army slows him down and hinders his ability to be a good pathfinder.

No helping dice for the army. I’m not even sure I’d make it a versus test, really.

According to the description of Pathfinder on p.251, trying to arrive at a destination before another group or patrol requires a versus test. I thought that since the patrol was trying to get to a point in front of the advancing army that would be appropriate.

Can the Pathfinder help himself with his own Scout skill?

No. You may only help yourself with wises.

The bigger the army the slower it tends to move.

I don’t think an army really qualifies for it, though. If it were a smaller group of bandits, sure, but the army is more of an environmental obstacle, in my opinion.

You could make it a Militarist vs Pathfinder test…