Helping Dungeoneer

In the sample adventure, there’s some climbing that needs doing, and the book says:

Going one at a time and forgoing help will significantly reduce the obstacle but will dramatically increase the amount of time the operation requires—from one turn to a turn per character.

How will forgoing help reduce the obstacle? If you’re helping, are you assumed to be part of the obstacle? Can you not use Laborer to help by giving the climber a leg up, without actually going up yourself?

If everyone goes one at a time, meaning one turn for each character, it’s an Ob 3 Dungeoneer test (one person, ascending a vertical pitch). If you help each other, you can do it in one turn, but it’s an Ob 5 Dungeoneer test (party of adventurers, ascending a vertical pitch).

I think Ludanto’s question was “Can Beren try to ascend the pitch himself, but still get help from his teammates?” Take a turn for each character, but have whoever’s not actively climbing help the character who is?

(My answer: probably not; I assume “help” for this in the fiction is more than just a push up from the bottom or a hand up from the top, and is more coordinated team-climbing, like in pairs or what have you.)