Helping in Conflicts

Can you help an action if you are already assigned another action?

(As long as you have a point of disposition, have a relevant skill, and it makes sense in the fiction.)

You cannot help while you are taking an action.

I think this phrasing is confusing.

Do you mean, can you help another character if you have scripted another action that will happen later in the round (ie, someone is acting on action 1, but you have something scripted for action 2 or 3)? If so, yes. So long as your are not the primary actor you can help so long as it’s appropriate and you have the skill/ability.

Yeah, that’s what I mean, sorry.

So hypothetically you could have:

  • PC Adam, assigned Action 1 by the Conflict Captain.
  • PC Bob, assigned Action 2.
  • PC Carl, assigned Action 3.
  • PC Dave, not assigned an action.

On Action 1, Bob, Carl, and Dave could all help Adam.
On Action 2, Adam, Carl, and Dave could all help Bob.
On Action 3, Adam, Bob, and Dave could all help Carl.

(Again, assuming that they all have the relevant skill/ability, it’s appropriate in the fiction, and they all have at least one point of disposition.)


Yeah, you got it.

Awesome, thanks!

Actions are assigned at once, but played out in order. Does it clears the case?

Some people just can’t help themselves. Or, in the case of TB Conflicts, no person can help their self.