Helping yourself - confirming


Another newbie question: If a mice has a complementary skill, it can help itself (give itself a bonus die) right?

Also, I’m not quite sure if the helping die last only one test or are active until the helper says, (ie. if I donate a helping die I lose it till I say I stop helping whenever I want, & get my die back or the die has to be “reset-donated” every test (& roleplayed accordingly every test))?


You can’t help yourself:

"Helping another character allows you to donate +1D to the roll. " - p. 93

You can, however, add +1D for an appropriate wise as per the “I am Wise” rule on page 92.

Your help only lasts for the test you have offered it for.

Thanks for the answer. I’ve found out that in MG one die oftentimes makes the difference!