Henchmen & NPCs In Conflicts


Robilar’s henchman, the poncho-wearing orc Quij, accompanies the infamous fighter into the Shrine of Kollchap! They are soon set upon by a horde of teleporting githyanki desirous of Robilar’s silver sword.

A Conflict ensues. Quij is an NPC, not a player. How is Quij’s aid reflected in the system?


I would say he either sits out the fight completely or participates as any other participant would. The conflict captain makes most of the decisions anyway, so that should work fine.

Is this henchman a guard or hired help?

I don’t know that a “henchman” is kosher by the current rules.

That said, I’d treat them like a guard that isn’t afraid of monsters. +1D of help with the Fighter skill.

Also, totally fair game as compromise-fodder.

If he’s just a guard he only watches camp though. Sounds like this guy is more with the party than that. But yeah, you could just use him as help too. The only question I have about that is, can he be knocked out in a conflict? If he can’t, how is he helping, if he can then isn’t he more than just a guard? I think the idea of the guards is that you get a bunch of them, so you kind of hand-wave the disposition, basically saying that if you knock one out there’s still another one to help so the monsters don’t both, but once the hero’s fall they run away because they’re cowards. I don’t think that applies to a single named npc that’s with the heroes through thick and thin.

eta: actually, I’m not sure how guards are supposed to work in raw with regard to disposition and such…

There’s lots of ways to handle it, but I don’t think that the NPC should be getting a turn, or any disposition. As for being knocked out, since he’s effectively a second “weapon”, one good Maneuver should take him out. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I find your approach mechanically acceptable but it grates on my suspension of disbelief. In the past I’ve treated npc’s as full participants, though that was for my one player session, so there wasn’t an issue of it being too crowded. Either way, I’d rather give them 1 disposition like an evil minion would get than treat them as a “weapon”.

Henchman is a level benefit for the Fighter (and a couple other classes): see p. 112.

“Henchman: You gain a follower. This henchman helps you with abilities native to your class. Add +1D to your roll when your henchman is helping. In a conflict, assign one of your hit points to your henchman. If there are no extra
hit points, then your henchman can’t help. A henchman never acts on his own.”

I knew that was there someplace! For some reason, a search of the text didn’t turn that up.

Ah, I overlooked henchman, but I like it.