Here be Dragons, plural or singular matters little?

I decided to draft up a new campaign world based on how a world would look if governed by TB rules. I started populating area and people etc. I decided a dragon or two wouldn’t go amiss, in fact I would be amiss by not having a dragon or two.

So I was reading over dragons and it struck me that the combat rules scale very slowly regards of number of creatures. If you can kill one dragon you can kill two by causing only the loss of a single extra disposition point, etc. Fair enough any TB character has a snowballs chance of killing one dragon, but my point stands.

I’m not just mis-reading the Olavsrudese/Cranese (c.f. Gygaxese) on this matter am I?

Oh and what if my adventure takes place actually in a town?

Facing one dragon is so bad that adding one more doesn’t make it much worse. That’s true of many high nature monsters – many of them tend to be solitary or live in small groups. Low nature monsters scale very quickly. One or two kobolds don’t pack much of a wallop, but 10 can ruin your day.

As to your other question…well, here’s a section from my forthcoming city-based adventure The Secret Vault of the Queen of Thieves:

City-Based AdventureTorchbearer is a game with distinct Adventure and Town Phases and the game makes it clear that the Town Phase is meant to be downtime – a chance to rest and re-equip your character. This has led some players to believe that you can’t do city-based adventures with Torchbearer. Well, you can! Thieves’ Guilds, haunted catacombs, smugglers’ warehouses and more can all make excellent adventure locations found in cities.

If the characters leave the adventure location to make use of the town’s facilities, whether a quick trip to the market or to raise their wrists at the tavern, the group enters the Town Phase with everything that entails, from Town Events rolls to Lifestyle Maintenance. Really, it’s not much different than if the adventure location were a mile down the road from town.

Cheers Thor. I appreciate the input on both points.

My campaign TB world will have both dragons and town adventures!

One thing I will mention, is if you take a Gygaxian Naturalism approach to designing a campaign world using TB rules, I get the impression that population growth is likely kept in check not by natural causes or even monster incursions. Its suicide, in TB living sucks. Then again that is the beauty of the system!

Cheers again,