Hereditary Forged Lord?

Some musings… don’t know if any of this is correct:
Yesterday I gathered a couple of friends to have a go with BE. I went for the “standard” in all ways, since I decided to test the most out of the rules and setting, leaving experiments and quirky choices for the next time around.

We quicly understood that with 6 lifepaths, the only way to get to be a Forged Lord would be to take 4 times the Born To Rule lifepath. Dunno why, but this concept cracked me up. It sounds like some incompetent fop or bookworm thrust at the top of the social chain. Of course, neither of them went for it. :lol:

Of course, today I discovered that if you really HAD to reach a certain lifepath, you could take a few more. Duh. My players will probably kill me after struggling to fit everything of their character concept in 6 LP.

Well, friday if everything goes according to plan we’re finishing character burning and I will post the results!

Can’t you go Born to Rule > Coeptir > Armiger >Lord Pilot Anvil > Anvil Lord > Forged Lord?

You can use some of the spare trait points gained from Coeptir, Lord Pilot Anvil and Anvil Lord to buy up the Your Grace or Your Majesty traits.

Ah, you can actually go and buy traits from the general list while choosing you lifepaths? I tought it could be done only at the end…
…I checked it out. As a matter of fact, yes, you can! Cool. Seems I keep getting things wrong about the rules :smiley:
Well, it’s a new system after all, and it’s an all new game.

Well the various Your Majesty etc traits aren’t even general traits - they’re optional ones from one of your lifepaths, so you can get them at 1pt each.

Indeed you can.

The clarification that you’re looking for, Franz, is that any trait in your lifepaths can be bought with any of the trait points you’ve earned from your lifepaths. (pg 108). Furthermore, you can only take a “born” lifepath once.

There are a lot of ways to get to Forged Lord, in addition to the Anvil-Lord route that Andrew explained. All you need is one extra trait point with which to buy the “Your Grace” or “Your Majesty Traits.”

In three lifepaths, you could go Born to Rule -> Coeptir -> Forged Lord and get the incompetent teenage fop ruler.