Hesitating at the end of the exchange in fight!

Hey y’all!

Let me start apologizing if my question is way too stupid :slight_smile:

So, our group is new to BW (we played The Sword, and then 2 adventures with 3-4 sessions each in BW Revised) and we just got BW Gold from a friend and started playing what we believe will be a long-term game. Today, in our second session, we had our first Fight! between two players.

One of them was fighting with a spear (Danglar), and the other was using sword+shield (and that’s Daemon). Danglar had a lot of advantage during the fight but couldn’t do any damage (even though he destroyed a lot of the Daemon’s armor) during 3 exchanges. At the end of the third exchange, Daemon scripted a Block and Strike versus a Strike, and with the help of a persona and his shield, rolled 10 dice versus a mere 6 from Danglar. Using a fate to open his roll, that was something around 10 successes versus 3, which means that even with the +2Ob from positioning his block exceeded the strike by 3+, making Danglar hesitate on his next action.

The guy playing Daemon was pretty used with BW Revised rules, and since we didn’t find anything about that on BW Gold, we ruled that he would hesitate during vie for position AND his first action during the next exchange (because that’s what Daemon thought the rules were on BW Revised, we don’t know if that’s true). What I want to know is if he really hesitates during both, or just in one of them. That pretty much meant Danglar losing the fight, since he has a Power of 3, Daemon scripted a Lock and incapacitated him on the second action of the first volley.

Did we do anything wrong?

Thank you very much!

Page 453: You can (and must) disengage as normal if you’re Running Screaming. Everything else counts as Let 'Em Come.

Block&Strike doesn’t give you the extra block options. Just vanilla block does that.

Well, we did count as Let 'em Come, but anyway the outcome of the fight was really modified because we didn’t know that!

Thanks Praion.