Hesitation & Will

Hesitation is 10 minus your Will exponent.

Does it go up when you’re injured, or when you’re sustaining a spell?

I don’t think so. Your steel goes down as you loose dice.

No, that would be double-dipping, since–as Praion notes–Steel goes down as you take wounds.

“Wound penalty dice are subtracted from stats, skills, Reflexes and Steel. Health, mortal wound, Circles, Resources and Emotional Attributes like Faith are not affected. Do not refactor attributes or damage due to wounded stats.” Wounded Dice, page 488 (emphasis mine).

Ah! We came to it from wondering if the Sorcerer got more hesitation as he sustained more spells, hence not finding the Wounded reference. Cheers!

Thanks. This reveals to me how much I rely on grep for most of my hunting for references.