High Skill and/or Nature?

  1. If Nature hits 7, does the mouse need to retire, or can he play with the new trait that Nature 7 brings (say skittish)? Can a mouse’s nature go above 7?

  2. Can skills go above 6 in play?

  1. You cannot play with a Nature 7.

1a) No.

  1. No.

However, if Nature hits 7 in the midst of a session, can you not tap “against” your Nature to do something extremely difficult and thus be taxed? Then you could opt to reduce Nature by 1 and remove 1 point of tax, thus keeping your mouse in the game and possibly accomplishing something really amazing.

(Sorry, paraphrasing from p. 234.)

Correct. You only retire at the end of the session. It’s pretty easy to avoid that.