Home grown skills.

I was thinking and I believe that we should be able to create our own skills e.g Archery. I know health and will are there if the skill doesn’t exist but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

Can I please just have some more opinions on this and any “Home Grown” skills you have thought about adding.

In what way would Archer be used that’s not covered by Fighter, Hunter, or an appropriate wise? I’ve found that “home-grown” skills are better represented either as wises or as gear for an existing skill.

Maybe it’s because it could be seen strange that the Fighter 6 Axe use can suddenly pick up a bow and fire really accurate…

Once you start differentiating between weapons, wouldn’t it then require that each type of weapon to have its own skill (and not just separating a bow from all others)? Moreover, wouldn’t you then need separate skills for the ability to craft each type of weapon (versus one skill to bind them all)?

This seems like a slippery precedent… however, if your group agrees to differentiate weaponry, I don’t see a problem with it; whatever it takes to facilitate fun!!!