Home Made Conflict and Condition Cards

Hey all, I’m a huge fan of player aids and props so I thought I’d make up some Conflict and Condition cards to throw around the table.

I used Rafe’s rather groovy Conflict cards as a base and then prettied them up with some art from the books.

I was going to make them available online but as they are made up almost entirely of copyrighted artwork, I felt it would be at best, improper. So you’ll just have to settle for a vague photo.

The pic shows the four conflict cards at the back with the card back on the far right.

In the front row are the Condition cards showing both front and back.

I’m now working on Persona and Fate point tokens. I might do Disposition tokens too but I think glass beads will suffice for that.



PS - I know I’ve spelled Manoeuvre wrong, I’m British. We also call it Autumn :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT - Cards now available for download with the kind permission of both Luke Crane and David Petersen:

Mouse Guard Cards and Tokens

Those are awesome! Any way you can upload those somewhere as images for people to download, print out and use?

Great art choices. Having some of those cards for play would be very cool. What’s on the back–condition penalties and how to recover?

Rafe: unfortunatley, as I mentioned in my first post, the cards are made almost entirely of art scanned and photoshopped from the RPG book and original comics. To post them online would be a bit cheeky, not to mention illegal :frowning:

Wanderer: yes, the conflict cards are literally just Rafe’s but with pretty pictures added.
The Condition cards, like the Conflict Cards, include the information about what penalty the condition incurs and how to alleviate it.


Fire a private message on here to David Petersen and see if he’s fine with it. I’m thinking he would be, but I agree that permission is the best way to go.

Looks great. If David doesn’t go for it, you could just post the template and text and let us worry about the art.

Okay, I’ll finish doing the Check, Persona and Fate point tokens first and then I’ll approach David and Luke with regards to posting them all as a single download.

The text on the condition cards are pretty much the first paragraph of each section, word for word from pages 123-129 in the book.


…and here are the counters. Crappy picture I’m afraid. Poor light conditions.

Double-sided, 1-inch tokens. One for each type of Persona and Fate point - so you can’t get the same one twice - only one each of MVP and Workhorse.

There are also Check Tokens and I’ve now done Disposition tokens that are not pictured.


I guess I should have specified laid-out all pretty like on your cards, just minus the borrowed art.

How does tracking Fate and Persona session-to-session work if there is only one token per possible award? Are they only used at the end of the session?

Do you think the tokens in general, and specifically the Check tokens, help your players engage more with the system?

I’ll be completely honest and say that I’m still reading the rules. I haven’t actually playtested them yet - I just like making this stuff :slight_smile:


Scarecrow–I know you can’t post the ones you made, but can you give us tips or a play-by-play on how to do it ourselves? I’m messing around with GIMP and I may eventually get around to something decent, but it’ll take me a while. I’d love help!

I will sign a petition to have these be made available :wink:

Used your cards in our game today, Rafe. Awesome!

…still wish I could have Scarecrow’s, though.

I hear ya. I still don’t think Scarecrow would have any problems using art for the cards. He isn’t selling them, and they’re being used for the game which David Petersen is already credited as having co-created.

Any news on weather you can release them for download yet?

Wow! Sorry, guys. I’ve been away from the boards for a few months (been playing Savage Worlds and Star Wars SAGA).

I PM’ed both Luke and David over the cards. Luke gave his okay with a few understandable legal provisions. David, however, I’ve not heard from and without his okay, it’s a no-go I’m afraid :frowning:


He hasn’t replied yet? It’s fine if he can’t or doesn’t want us to, but hopefully he’ll let us know either way. Those things are so cool.

Well, I’ve e-mailed David Petersen again. If I hear anything this time, I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:


GOOD NEWS! David says yes. Bless him!

I need to double-check the legalese in the PDF and recheck what Luke’s provisions were (it was months and months ago) and I’ll get the cards and tokens posted online.

The only thing concerning me now is that I’m pretty sure we discovered a typo in one of the conflict cards when we were playing and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. Maybe if I post the cards as a beta and before you all waste ink printing them off, some kind soul can check them and let me know of any changes.

I’ll hopefully get them up later on today.


Here you go, then:

Mouse Guard Cards and Tokens

Posted with kind permission of both Luke Crane and David Petersen.

Enjoy, y’all!