How Different is Gold?

So I haven’t actually had a chance to read BWG yet, and I was wondering how much has changed from the earlier, duel book edition? Can the old Rule Book and Character Burner still be used? What about the Monster Burner, Magic Burner, Adventure Burner, and Blossoms are Falling?

I have all these books!

Edit: These would be the “Revised Edition” that I’m asking about.

BWG is designed to replace the BWR & CB books.
AdBu, MaBu, MonBu are all still useful, though certain changes in system are requires, adapting some of the lifepaths for changes in traits & skills, adjusting weapon stats, and changes in the Sorcery system make Art magic in the MaBu more difficult, other changes soften the blow a touch. All in all these books are still useful and any changes required within the talents of most if not all GM’s. After playing BWG’, I doubt you’d change back.

There are at least three threads on the last three pages that deal with this subject.