How do you play Wises (beside FoRKings other skills)


Generally a graduated test can’t fail. You’re asking for general background, flavor, whatever. If there’s something specific you want, that has an Ob and you have a regular test.

Because of that, instead of graduated tests I usually just Say Yes to an appropriate extent. You want to know about the local textiles? Okay. You want to know about the local thieves’ guild and have B4 Thief-Wise? Yeah, probably okay. You have no Thief-Wise? All you know is that there probably is one.

I would feel cheated based on that. Both of these could easily give you tests.

Asking for flavor doesn’t give you tests. Asking because you want to know something gives you tests. Otherwise you can “spam” local color Wises for routine tests indefinitely. Actually interesting questions I do give tests, usually with low Ob. I guess I rarely see a real need for graduated tests.