How many checks could a Guard Mouse get...

(…if a guard mouse would get checks?)

This is a question for those who have been running campaigns for multiple sessions now. On average, how many checks do your players typically earn during the GM turn?

We’re only two sessions in so far, and only one player has cottoned on to the idea of trying to work for checks, and he’s managed to earn a single check each time (thus giving him two actions in the Player Turn).

How do other groups fare?

I think most folks got at least one per GM’s Turn, but we often had a player get up to five checks.

Again, I think the best way to encourage players to earn checks is to beat the crap out of them in the GM’s Turn. It’s a little counterintuitive, but having two or more serious conditions in the Player’s Turn really spotlights the need for checks.


I had a 4p session where everyone managed 7 checks… total of 7 obstacles (4 of them twists), including two conflicts.

The modal number, however, was none but the default 1

Most of the time, one person or another would break a tie and have 3.

Not enough. In my current campaign, only one or two of my players ever manage to earn extra checks (and even then only one or two). But in the last session there was more chatter about it, so perhaps this is improving.

Clarification request: did you mean 7 checks between all 4 players, or 7 checks for EACH player?

If the second (each), then I’m assuming the conflicts were the major check generating engine?

7 EACH. I’d planned 3 obstacles; 4 twists happened, as well.

ALL of them earned all their checks from tie-breaks, plus the 1 for the session.