how many conflicts per mission/session

i’m running my first mouseguard session this weekend. four players, using the pregenerated characters. i’m curious how long conflicts take and how many conflicts people find come up in a given session. (how many should i plan for) are they usually shortish duel of wits length, or more longish fight length, or somewhere’s in between? would three conflicts in four hours seem right? four? 2 gm, 2 player?

Conflicts take 15 minutes. You should have one in the GM’s Turn. This is in the rules.

If the players want one in their turn, that’s on them!

My 3p conflicts have ranged from 5m to 35m (That was 16 vs 6 dispo, and the 6 eventually won, 0 - 4 dispo).

In general, each phase takes 3-7 minutes, and most of my dozen conflicts have run 3-5 phases; tho’ I’ve had two run 7+ rounds (21+phases), including the above 16:6::0:4…

Also, a lot depends on players’ narrative whims. Encourage short, clear, and concise narration.