how to "help" a fellow mouse

I’m new to MG. I can’t find in the rules how helping works even though I know I read it somewhere.

  1. Who can help another mouse and conditions must be met?
  2. What us the bonus that the helping action grants to the receiver of the help?
  3. Please provide an example or two to illustrate this?

I was reading a session report online and I think they were doing things all wrong. Lol.

Im starting a PBEM campaign and want to have the rules right from the start.

Pages 93 and 94.

  1. Any character that is in a position to help the player’s character who make the roll.
  2. The acting player must accept the help. The helping player must physically give the acting player one of his dice. The helping player must describe how her mouse is helping the other character. The character must have the appropiate Skill or Wise to help. Abilities always help abilities.
  3. Your character is trying to lift a fallen tree to free a wounded fellow patrol guard. Other two characters try to help you lift the tree, placing each one at one end of the trunk with you in the middle. That’s a Health test, so they give you two extra dice to roll.

You can also help yourself with one of your Wises if applicable.

Sorry. In my example is not a trunk. Maybe a little branch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok guys. Thanks. Its hard to find some things in the book. Lol.

As a side note: In addition to purchasing the book when it came out, I purchased PDF copy. I’ve found that it is incredibly useful to have a searchable copy of the book. I’m not sure if Luke is selling the PDF directly through the Burning store, but if not, I believe it’s available on DriveThruRPG (