How to repeat yourself in the Duel of Wits

So you don’t want +Ob, but you do want to repeat yourself. What should you do?

[li]Slip it in as part of a different Point
[/li][li]Repeat yourself but LOUDER with a Dismiss
[/li][li]“As I said, <repeat>” during a Rebuttal of a point which you have already rebutted
[/li][li]Repeating yourself is a good technique in real life when using Oratory - is this modeled by asking that subsequent repeats be an Obfuscate?
[/li][li]Say “it’s a rhetorical device” and ask to roll Rhetoric without +Ob
[/li][li]Repeat yourself, but in sing-song, over and over, after scripting Incite
Which of these are valid? Are there others?

If it makes sense as a rhetorical technique, whether or not it’s formal rhetoric, no increase in Ob. If it’s just repetition because you have nothing else to say, the Ob goes up. It’s incentive to actually try to argue somewhat reasonably.

But making a point, and then repeating that point for emphasis, isn’t really a new point. It’s just one point and good argument. When you return to the same thing later it’s not a new point and maybe you’re running out of arguing steam.

Paraphrase yourself.

You can elaborate an argument and split it up into several points, using a chain of connected arguments leading up to your big point.

That said, the +1 ob for repetition is the only real brake the rules put on point-point-point. I think it’s probably a good idea to enforce that rule strictly instead of trying to get around it. If you find you’ve run out of points to make, avoid, incite and obfuscate are always there for you. They probably won’t win you the DoW (though incite can be pretty good!), but they are entertaining.

Also, you might use the opportunity and milk a troublesome trait or instinct or two for Artha. “Always flip the table when I run out of arguments.”