How to Tap Grief with no Skill Songs?

We have burned a character who is obstensibly an elf, but due to setting colour we went with the mannish LPs on burning (3 servitude/outcast paths). The character has obviously had no access to eleven skill songs or even culturally specific traits, but the player wants to bring these into play as they are ‘discovered’ in play (his character is the last of the ‘known’ elves). He still wants the emotional attribute of Grief however, and I agree, its in eminently suitable, but he can’t tap any deed points earned until he learns a skill song? Hmmmm. I mean, it’ll take a few sessions to earn the big D for sure, but still.

This has become one of his beliefs (to aquire the knowledge of his ancestors), but I was wondering if it was appropriate to tap grief with a deeds for other tests? Especially if they were key in the service of one of his beliefs? Note that we are only playing with the Hub / circles and resources at present.

If he’s into waiting and developing Grief, why not just wait? If you’re playing a long game, mucking about with the Grief taps is only going to give you headaches later.

Also, he should be a good elf and spend those deed points on his Perception, Agility or Speed as soon as he can.