Human Explorer

Human Explorer

Class: Explorer
Starting abilities: Distribute 8 points between Will and Health; neither stat may have a rating lower than 2 or higher than 6.

Skills: Cartographer 3, Dungeoneer 2, Lore Master 2, Scout 2, Pathfinder 2, Survivalist 2
Special skill: Criminal, Scholar, Pathfinder or Survivalist

Trait : Driven—Explorers are tenacious and strong-willed. They will not be slowed or stopped by hardship and will instead press on whatever the cost. But this tenacity is often fueled by desperation or greed and can lead explorers to their doom.

Weapons: Dagger, hand axe, crossbow
Armor: Leather, helmet

Starting weapons: Dagger or hand axe
Starting armor: Helmet

You’re such a thief. I’m never going to let you live this one down, you know!