Human Game Designer

In honor of Peter Dickenson from Flight of Dragons.

Human Game Designer

Class: Game Designer
Starting abilities: Distribute 8 points between Will and Health; neither stat may have a rating lower than 2 or higher than 6.

Skills: Mentor 3, Cartographer 2, Haggler 2, Laborer 2, Scholar 2, Steward 2
Special skill: Criminal, Laborer, Orator or Scavenger

Trait : Touched by the Nerds—The nerds speak to game designers. Moreover, when game designers speak to the nerds, the nerds are often willing to listen. The nerds guide and protect their chosen. But the game designer must be ever vigilant to ensure that the words he speaks are truly those of the nerds and not the secret desires of his own heart.

Weapons: None
Armor: Helmet

Starting weapons: None
Starting armor: None

Where’s the -1 Resources?

I think that weapon needs to be Pen. And have stats strictly better than the Sword.

The curse of the pen is that it will win any conflict…100 years after you’re dead.