I got a book with missing pages

I just got a used hardcover (from Germany) and it has misprinted pages so I am missing 206-207, 210-211, and 214-215. What can I do to get the missing pages?

Have you contacted Archaia Studio Press yet? They’re the actual publisher of MG.

Archaia is the publisher in North America, there are others in other regions. They should be credited on the copyright page.

Looks like it is Archaia. From searching other threads, I guess the best way to contact them is through Twitter.

I didn’t find anyone else with this problem in my searching so I guess this misprint is pretty rare.

I recommend returning it to your point of sale and exchanging it for another copy.

That’s a bit hard to do since it was sent to me from Germany.

Off topic kinda, anyone know of a location (DriveThruRPG) we can purchase the PDF at? I own the box collection but a PDF of the rules would be a great investment.

Well, you said it yourself: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/60496/Mouse-Guard-Roleplaying-Game

– Kai

Good news! Archaia should be sending me a mailing label so I can send the book to them and they will send me another.

Considering both the hardcover and the boxed set have been out of print for long while, I would email/tweet/call/whatever to make sure they actually have a book to send in exchange. If they don’t, it will be a waste of time and energy. And you might just lose your copy of the book, y’know?

Good news! Archaia (Mel Caylo) sent me a new hardcover with a label to send them back the book with misprinted pages. Awesome service!