I have a question

Hello me and my family just had our first game session last night and I have a very newby question. We did find the grain peddlar and when we got to the snake I was realy confused how does a party of 3 players decide dispositon they werre our own charachters not pre gens. I was GM’ing and I think i did something wrong because all 3 mice got trounced by the snake. Thanks beforehand for your answer.

Against the snake, the leader rolls his or her Fighter and adds those successes to his Health rating.

Check out pages 103 and 104 of the book.

The snake is a powerful and difficult opponent. It’s not unlikely that a patrol would lose a fight against one.


Ah thanks i was very confused so is the leader everyones disposition?

Yes, the leader or whoever definitively initiates the conflict rolls, with help. Disposition is for the entire team.

Leader rolls, with help dice from patrol members, and successes are added to the base skill/stat for that particular conflict. So snake rolls Nature and adds any successes to its Nature. The patrol leader rolls Fighter or Hunter + help dice from patrol members and adds successes to Nature or Health. Now you have team dispositions and you’re good to go.

p. 103 - 104, with the chart for the skill tested and the base successes are added to being on p. 104.