I love Skill Factors

OMG, I was reading over the “Skill Factors” and my head went pop

What a freakin’ great idea! And how easy is that to use!?

Nice! :):):slight_smile:

Playing this Friday! Wee!

It does have a hiccup, tho’…

when you have multiple factor lists for a given skill, and factors on both lists, you get an extra point of Ob.

Miller Factors
Type: Milling grain, milling mortar,
milling paper
Amount: For a patrol, a household,
a business or large structure, a town, a city

So Milling grain AND Mortar for a Patrol AND Household is:

1 + 2 +1 +2 + (1) = Ob 7?

Syntax error.

Aramis: I’m not sure where you get the extra obstacle from, you just add the factors. (MG p.231 “Skill Factors”)

Ken: You’d take the highest obstacle from each list, if it was appropriate to combine those intents. Your specific example doesn’t seem appropriate, for example.

Milling grain (1) for a household (2) is (1+2=)Ob3
Milling Mortar (2) for a household (2) is (2+2=)Ob 4.
Milling Grain (1) and mortar (2) for a household (2) is (1+2+2=)Ob5

For Miller, the implied “For Self” is Ob+0, so it’s not actually broken.

Materials: Milled grains, harvested seeds, foraged materials
Breadth: One mouse, two mice, a patrol, a household, a bakery

So, using milled grains (1) to feed one mouse (1) is Ob 2.

Tradition: Populace with military tradition, warlike populace, peaceful populace
Size: Outpost, fort, town, city, castle
Action: Destroy, defend or reinforce

minimum factor is Ob3, and it fails to account for the target populace’s tradition!

It is good overall, but not perfect.

Because the lists start at 1, not 0.

Yes, your post above sounds like you were adding another obstacle purely because multiple factors were in play, which is how I think Ken parsed it as well.

I am not sure what you are referring to here.

One thing I confused me on an initial reading is that you don’t use a factor list if it isn’t “applicable”. In many cases, this will drop the Ob by at least 1. In fact, it wasn’t until the Resources example on page 238 that this became clear.

Not quite. If tradition, size or action isn’t relevant then you wouldn’t use the factor list. Look at page 238. Even though visual appeal “plain” could be used to describe the cart, it isn’t added as the visual appeal is irrelevant to the cart’s intended use.

So, for example, if you were using Militarist for some other reason that destroy, defend or reinforce, then the Ob may be 2.

I’m going with this. Thanks Storm.

I’m leaving my ultra-picky rules interpretations for BWR and BE.