I was bored, so I distilled some spells

These are inspired by spells from the AD&D 2nd Edition spell list (Mordekainen’s Sword, and Flesh to Stone)

Splendorous Sword Ob 4 17 Actions

A shimmering sword appears in the sorcerer’s hand; it grows and shrinks at the sorcerer’s request as he dances with his foes. Splendorous Sword summons an Arming Sword (Power 2, Add 2, WS 4, VA -) into the sorcerer’s hand. However, the sword has the ability to grow and shrink at the caster’s mental command; when engaging a foe (and at the top of every exchange thereafter) he may choose the length of the sword (it cannot be longer than Longest unless the caster has a trait that extends his weapon reach). The caster can also spend an action in order to shift the sword’s length by one during a volley; doing so cedes advantage to the opponent. If the sword ever leaves the hands of the caster, it reverts to it’s natural length (Long).

Origin: Personal Area of Effect: Natural Effect
Element: Earth Impetus: Create/Control
Duration: Sustained
Statue Ob: 3 + Target’s Forte 5 Actions

This spell transforms the victim, and all that they are carrying, into a wooden statue for it’s duration. The victim has no awareness of their surroundings when in statue form, nor can they think: they are effectively unconscious for the duration. In statue form, they can be damaged as if they were living, though they have 1D of natural armor in this form. When the spell ends, the victim must also test for Tax at the spell obstacle.

Origin: Personal Area of Effect: Single Target
Element: Anima Impetus: Transmute to Earth
Duration: Sustained