If you are using Beginner's Luck for a Sorcerous skill, are the tests open ended?

My question is exactly as the title says: if a character is using Beginner’s Luck for a sorcerous skill, is it still open ended?

No. Beginners Luck tests are stat tests for all intents and purposes.

That’s what I was leaning towards, but I couldn’t find anything that concretely spelled it out in the book for me. Thanks!

You want page 37 and 49, with extra close attention paid to the second Beginner’s Luck paragraph on page 49.

Neither of those sections spell it out, for the record. 37 describes the basic mechanics of beginners luck. The second paragraph on page 49 is about how the first test towards a sorcerous skill requires that it be gained through instruction (which I knew), not whether they remain open ended or not.

This is one of those areas where one Luke’s Imps could have said, “Remember: because you are rolling a stat for a test and not the skill, it doesn’t count as open ended!”

Those sections make a bunch of noise about how it’s a stat test and the open-ended nature of Sorcery is specifically tied to the skill. Elven songs have the same “magical skill not magical stat” thing going for them, though Tree Pulling is always open ended due to it being rooted in Hatred.

The magical skill note was just a reminder about not being able to straight-up learn Sorcery on the go without any help or buy-in. As for the Imps, maybe though I don’t know the best place, probably page 49 but it might seem out of place there.

You’re not testing the skill, you’re testing the stat at double obstacle. Stat tests are not open-ended.