I'm Not Extending the Preorders

If enough of us idiots who delayed pre-ordering the book or it slipped our minds bug you Mr. Crane, is there anyway you would consider extending the pre-order? Seems like a handful of people over at rpg.net made the same mistake I did :?


Fair enough.

I’m sure you understand. Preorders a lot of work and it’s not really fair to the people who were feverishly clicking at 12:01 am on June 1st.


Eh, getting laid off 5 times in 3 and a half years isn’t really fair either. For a moment there I nearly went ahead with a preorder as I’d certainly love to have done so, but then my stomach growled at me as if to say, “Don’t make me come up there and throttle you brain cause I’m sick and tired of water and ramen!”

Anyway, I won’t be poor forever so I’ll just have to wait to get my hands on a normal copy someday. Frustrating thing is that I had a good interview on thursday the 22nd (it was a decent birthday present) so hopefully I’ll get that job and all my poorness well start to melt away.

On the up side, I had an interview, I haven’t lost my car yet, I haven’t been evicted.

On the down side, I’m still unemployed, poor, about to lose my car and my place to live and thus all my stuff, and of course missing Burning Empires.

Such is life sometimes, but hopefully I’ll be able to change that all soon.

I’m another one of those “Oh crap!” people who didn’t even know about the pre-orders till it was too late today. Hehe. My friend just talked to me, a very loyal BW fan and said “Hey I just got an email” and I was like… Doh! So, here I am. I ordered the PDF but I guess that’s it. Ah well. I’ll just have to find Luke at one of the next conventions after GenCon and get my own physical copy signed then!


Yes, I do. My response was sincere and not sarcastic. I still had to give it a shot though.