Increasing Forged/Anvil/Hammer Lord affiliations?

In my current game, one of the players has a Forged Lord that started with a 1D Hammer affiliation, and has since bought it up twice. I’m letting him get away with it this time, but it certainly doesn’t seem to “feel” right.

Any ideas on how to price it, or any other in-game restrictions.

(ozark1: this thread will have no bearing on our current game, no worries)

He bought it up to 3D?

Also, what’s the faction who controls the military this phase? Or what type of military do you have on the planet?

Yeah, he crammed the third die into a building scene last session.

The military is Lords-Pilot, the character in question is a Forged Lord, the other FoNs include an Anvil Lord (PC) and another Forged Lord (NPC, Vaylen).

ok. What’d you charge him for it?

If you’re in the Usurpation phase, then a 2D affiliation with the Lords Pilot would cost Ob 2, +2 Ob (2nd die), +1 Ob (value of LPs for this phase) = Ob 5. The third die would be Ob 7.

I assume he made the tests without tax?

And I assume that Tim was after the implied increase to his crew’s exponents?

But you know, if you felt what he was doing was egregious, you could have shot him down. There’s pretty heavy GM approval written into the rules on page 355.

And lastly, the Hammer Lord (and Anvil Lord) traits are ambivalent on the matter. Yes, the strength of your affiliation gets you your starting exponented crew. But it’s a little unreasonable to say that an increase in rank and power within the group increases their training and undermines years of tradition.

And in the reverse, if a Forged Lord was booted from his affiliation, it certainly wouldn’t degrade the planet’s forces. They’d still be exponent whatever troops.

I dunno, my gut tells me that this is something that’d need to bleed over into the Infection? Did the human players back it up with a successful Conserve? That’s really the only maneuver applicable to such radical shifts in personnel.


He made the first without tax, the second with. I’m faily certain he’s after the full increase in exponents and manpower.

My feeling is the same as yours - it should be part of a Conserve or Pin, I think. In this case, both manuevers were Take Action.

I was the guy buying up the affiliations, and I was doing to increase the might of my military. These seemed like the best way to do it, mechanically.

My reasoning is that raising the affiliation value represents consolidating my power as a feudal lord. Calling in troops from vassals, putting the fleet into trim, etcetera.

It never even occured to me to match a manuever to the build phase. We were so busy raiding cultist hide-outs and the like, that we were playing Take Actions to match.

The resource tests were made at one less than what Luke listed, I think.