I’m working out a vastly simplified version of BE Infection suitable for use with the MG mechanics as a base. (Why is another thread!)

This post focuses on the maneuvers and leaves aside:

[li]calculating disposition[/li][li]applicable skills for each action[/li][li]phase objectives[/li][/ul]
…largely because they’re very genre-specific (though I do need to work those out for my Turkey 1922 game).

The maneuver actions work exactly as in MG (Attack, Defend, Feint, Maneuver), except:

Maneuver effects that can be bought with extra successes are:
Impede (as MG) - 1 success
Gain Position (as MG) - 2 successes
Generate Downtime - 1 success/month
Assess (the enemy, or a faction) - 1 success

Attack can either be used to reduce enemy disposition, or to activate/eliminate a faction (using the faction dispo bonus as the Ob). The enemy/faction must have been assessed before doing this.

Defend and Feint work as in MG.

Oh, silly me. One semi-obvious problem with this is that everyone’s going to script Maneuver for their first action. Attacking and Feinting aren’t legal without an assess, and therefore Defending makes no sense. Oh, maybe that’s not so bad.

Glad you’re posting these, because I want to see the end result.

Defend works against Maneuver, so I think on the first action you’ll have a nice Maneuver-Defend-Feint rock-paper-scissors interaction.

Feint should absolutely be legal without an assess.

Attack probably should be useable to reduce enemy dispo without an assess, but probably at 2s:1d… a generic propaganda “we’re right; everyone else is wrong” kind of deal.

I’ll let you all know!

Luke, thanks for that… good idea.

Also, I’m now thinking that generating downtime should be linked to Defend rather than Maneuver. If you win your Defend, you get to allocate successes to downtime or to disposition.

Oh, and I hadn’t said, but I figured each month of downtime could be used for one of:

One month:

[li]clear off Tired, Hungry and Angry (all together)[/li][/ul]
Two months:

[li]generate a single test (pass/fail) toward advancement[/li][li]remove the Sick or Injured condition[/li][/ul]
Three months:

[li]Recover 1 pt taxed Nature[/li][li]get a job[/li][/ul]
This is a starting point, going to rejig once I get back to my copies of BE and MG respectively.