Information as Supplies

Could information be counted as supplies for a skill roll?

I was watching a Sean Nittner video of a Torchbearer session; the characters were looking for tracks on a mountainside and one of them, the hobbit, had been talking with someone earlier who had told him stories of the creatures which had attacked him and killed his sons. So when it came to the test, hunter, I think, the hobbit’s player suggested that he had prior knowledge that he could use to help the hunter test.

This isn’t a skill, a trait or an instinct, it’s information used like supplies. This suggests that information might be valued in terms of dice, as in “you have 2D of information about these creatures, do you want to use 1D now, or both?”

Does this sound reasonable, or am I just talking from the bottom of the bottle of red wine sitting opposite me?

That sounds like an interesting mechanic and use of the system to me, but I’d be interested to hear what the designers say about it.

sounds like advantage (1D), doesn’t it?

Seems fine to me.

Supplies in TB are meant to be physical things are that can be expended or lost.

Information, if you like at the stuff on finding work in the Town chapter, is meant to be used as factors in tests.

Could you be a bit more specific with your reference, Luke?

There’s actually a line under “digging for leads” which goes ‘If you have more than one type of lead about a particular endeavour, the additional information counts as supplies (+1D) when making your test.’