Insectrist Obstacles too high?

Man, some of those Insectrist obstacles seem pretty damn high.

I tried converting the example actions listed in the skill block to obstacles, and I got:

Train beetles to act as labor(Type: Beetles, Amount: One, Result: Labor: Ob:4, not too crazy)

Use worms to Aerate soil (Type: Silkworms, Amount: Many, Result: Labor, Ob:6)

Use spiders to spin silk(Type: Spiders, Amount: One, Result: Production: Ob:9, !!!)

Use Crickets as weather watchers (Type: Cricket, Amount: One, Result: Control, Ob: 4, again fairly easy)

Make a train of ants transport small goods (Type: Ants, Amount: Many, Result: Labor, Ob:7)

In particular the use of Spiders for anything and the usage of a group of ants seems crazy difficult. Is there a good reason for them being quite so difficult? Is there any errata or alternate obstacle factors?

  • Sean Musgrave

Well trying to get Spiders or Ants to do anything for you should be difficult.

Heh, to open this up a bit more, you are likely going to need several mice to accomplish much with a large number of insects. If you’re in a party of three you would get a number of helping dice to soften the Ob. a little. Still it did seem to me too that Spiders were rather high, not that it shouldn’t be hard but just that it might be near-impossible to achieve.

Well also consider the type or types of Spiders you might be dealing with. Could become rather dangerous to be gathering Spider “silk”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d see it as challenging but definitely doable…

An insectrist focused player with Skill of 5, Spider-Wise of whatever, some Silk-Harvesting Gear, a relevant trait (I’ll theorise a new one called “Bug Whisperer”), a couple of helpers, and the willingness to tap Nature (we will say 4) with a Persona point could drop 14 dice on the silk milking test (or 13 with rerolled failures if the trait was level 3)…

In re the Silkworms… getting silkworm moth caterpillars to aerate the soild should be bloody hard! They are leaf eaters.

Real world spider silk production costs in excess of $10,000.00 per pound. Great stuff, but production levels of spider wrangling are a bloody nightmare.

If it doesn’t mater exactly which species you get t aerate the soild, just ignore that factor! (Esp. since the Silkworms are the WRONG choice to do so…)