Insticts - Artha

My question is pretty basic.

There is allot of emphasis on Instincts generating Artha when ignored. May a character also generate Artha when following an instinct that the player knows is not in his best interest.

In my case (we are starting play tonight), I have an instinct to “Always Trust the Doge (my boss)”. Now the Doge happens to be the Vaylen Figure of Note for this phase. By following his Orders and trusting his judgment, am I generating Artha. Or is it only when I buck his commands and begin to feel that something is wrong that I would be picking up the Artha. Eventually this instict will likely die, as I realize he is not on “my” side.

The rule of thumb is, did following or not following that instinct get you into trouble and/or drive the story in a really interestign direction.

Actually, I’m pretty sure this is one of the big Artha differences between BW and BE: in BE you only get the Artha if you get in trouble/drive the story forward for ignoring your instinct.


I’m pretty sure that’s how we played it in our BE game. Luke changed it because people were being Artha whores.

Not that I’m an Artha whore. :slight_smile:


In BE, you only get artha for the Instinct if you go against it and it gets you in trouble.

So Jason, “Always trust the Doge” isn’t going to necessarily get you artha right off the bat, even if it gets you in trouble. But it WILL get you artha after you get in trouble once or twice and start doubting your trust in your brother.