instinct issues

Hi all,

The group I played with is pretty new to torchbearer. We played through mouse guard but instinct is handled differently in torchbearer. The problem is that mine isn’t ever triggering and was wondering what some of you guys had for instincts.

Any help is appreciated.

My halfling has “always cook a meal when we make camp.” What is your instinct?

My go-to for coming up with an instinct is to trigger something in camp. Cooking. Scribing. Healing. Mapping. Finding a good campsite. All of those are useful.

Noclue- it’s funny cause our halfling has the exact same instinct as you. Currently mine was “watch my teams back” Basically trying to prevent being snuck up on, however it never seems to trigger.

I like the idea of camp instinct. I am a wizard with some mapping ability and think I may use the map during camp.

In my group we have the dwarf with “I always look for drinkable water sources” and the cleric with “I always make poultices” that really work wonders.

One of the characters have a similar Instinct to yours (his “I always check the rear guard”) but by the time they get ambushed not only had I forgotten about letting him know about his Instinct, but he also forgets about it in the heat of he conflict. So if you are worried that it doesn’t come into play, lend your GM a hand and let him know that your Instinct should had applied and he should roleback the situation to give you a test.

Stay cool :cool:

Oh my god, yes map during camp.

“Always scavenge for supplies when the area is secure.”

What’s your instinct?

I encouraged my players to make instincts that work with the system. Our thief however had “Always look for a five finger discount” which means she can steal something in town without a check. Clever girl…

Luke my instinct is “always watch our back” however we really haven’t had a chance for it to trigger. I like you example of “Always scavenge for supplies when the area is secure.” as there are plenty of times that could come in handy. I also liked the idea of having an instinct that triggered during camp phase. However that seems a little cheap…

I don’t know, we have our session tonight so I will most likley change it to something listed in this thread. Thanks for all the help everyone!

Cheap? Camp instincts are an awesome way to conserve checks!

Yeah, definitely not cheap. One piece of advice I’ve seen is that if your instinct isn’t triggering at least once a session and actually helping the group out, then you need a new instinct.

Quoted for ancient wisdom!

Don’t be shy about making useful instincts! Let your Belief and Goal be about your character. Let your Instinct help you stay alive!

Secure every new chokepoint we travel through with a pitfall trap?

Always secure the door is a good one for thieves.

I don’t think there are “cheap” instincts in this game. Leverage it as best you can to get an advantage!