interaction of charge/push scripted against lock


In a fight sequence last night my knight type character scripted charge and in another instance push against some trolls who scripted lock.

by the rules the charge obstacle was 1/2 speed which I exceeded pushing the troll to take advantage with my axe and knockingn the troll down. The troll with lock faced the obstacle 1/2 pow which he also maneged to meet, getting advantage with Hands. In other word we simoultanoiously got advantage with both hands and axe which is obviously not possible.

What we did in the situation was to quickly houiserule that lock is an opposed test against charge and Push which I think is a good solution, but I wondered if anyone on the forum had an alternative interpretation. Ideally of cause I’d love if Luke could give a ruling I could add to the errata for Gold.

I posted about a similar situation a while back, though in my case, it was the interaction between Beat and Throw that potentially ended up awarding both sides advantage; I can’t seem to find the thread, though. In any case, resolving it as a versus test seems reasonable.


Well, what happens to advantage if you both script Throw and both exceed the Ob?

The final interaction there should be that you push him down but he grabs you and locks you. It’s not a versus. I’m sorry that’s not clear with the new positioning rules. I’ll try to think about how to express that in a future printing.


You’re both on the ground, with the penalties that incurs, and no one has a positioning advantage?

You’re both using hands anyway, presumably?

Cool, thank for the answer, I’ve added it to the errata on the wiki.

Makes sense to me, assuming you’re both human.