Iron Empires comics and Burning Empires

Hello again,

I have read both Iron Empries comic books and I was just wondering how they correlate to Burning Empires.

  1. I have understood that in Sheva’s War the story starts in invasion phase. Is this correct? On the other hand in Faith Conquers it starts at the usurpation phase. Correct?

  2. I suppose Kerrn can’t use Iron, correct?

  3. How would you handle the single combats where Faith faces … Danni and what happens afterwards (I’m a bit vague here because I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not yet read the comic)? What about a bit similar situation against Krute the mukhadish?

Thanks in advance!

The Danni fight I would treat as a mini-firefight, because there’s an attempt at escape.

The Mukhadish fight I would treat as a single-roll ICHASHITF, because there’s not much going on in that fight other than one side beating the other side up.


  1. I think they’re both Usurpation phase games.

  2. Nope. They can’t get the Corvus and Crucis trait which is required for Iron.

  3. What Paul said.

OK. Thanks for the quick answers!