Iron in a Zero-index setting

I have a character in my group with the Anvil Lord and Iron Trained traits. The burned world is a zero-index setting. The armor rules state Iron is only available on Low and High index worlds. But of course, the player wants him some powered armor!

So what’s the solution? I remember reading somewhere the GM’s characters can start with a piece of tech one index higher than the starting world, but I can’t remember if there’s a similar rule for PCs.

It’s easy to rationalize: the Anvil Lord brought his Iron (and Stentor and the rest of his entourage) with him. It can’t be made locally and repairing it is probably tricky, but surely one guy could bring his heirloom armor along with him?

Are there unforeseen consequences to letting one character break the tech rules of his world? Obviously it makes him very powerful; perhaps a higher resource point cost during burning?


It seems reasonable to me to pay 2rps for index 4 iron - just the same as buying index 5 iron for 2rps on a low index world.

I would check that the group is in agreement about this, though. Make sure your group’s okay with it before looking to rules. :slight_smile:

We tried this in one of our games. He’ll be a superhero.

Or you could try Index 3 Iron!

A related question: what’s Anvil Lord and Iron Trained good for on a zero-index world if the world itself doesn’t qualify for Iron? I suppose AL gives you those tasty affiliations, but IIRC he’s just getting Anvil affiliations and not necessarily Iron-wearing badasses at his disposal, yes? Iron Trained sounds like a waste of points if his world doesn’t have the infrastructure to support the armor.

I think I’m going to push the player away from the powered armor and get him thinking more about all his Anvil contacts.


You’re right, Iron Trained isn’t all that useful on a world with no micro fusion reactors – the necessary component for true iron.

Anvil Lord, however, is an immensely powerful trait on any world by any measure.