Is Eldritch Darts a Weapon?

Is Eldritch Darts a weapon? It seems weapon-like in many ways: it behaves kinda bow-like.

If it is a weapon, you can disarm it. If it’s not a weapon, then it seems you can use a weapon with it (like a barricade), or even infuse a sword or bow with Arcanist!

I think it’s a weapon, but it’s a weapon in the same way that the ghoul’s claws are a weapon. They can’t be disarmed. I mean… unless you literally dis-arm them…

I interpret disarm metaphorically; it’s no longer an advantage, not that it’s literally knocked off the opponent. You could “disarm” ghoul claws by shouting, “Look out for their claws!” (and spending 2s from your successful Maneuver).

Hmm, you’re right, I misread the section about not being able to disarm monsters, that’s only if they don’t have a weapon listed and they don’t get the unarmed penalty.

It does not say specifically that it is a weapon, so I guess a literal raw interpretation could be that you can use a bow or sword with it, but that doesn’t seem to be the spirit of the thing. I would preclude using a weapon with it and say that the weapon supersedes the spell effect.

However, it does not say that it counts as a weapon, so I don’t think they should be able to disarm you. You can either treat the player as if they are unarmed (-1D) or append “and you are not considered unarmed” to the spell effect description. In this way it would work like a monster that has no weapon listed.

So the options for interpretation or house ruling seem to be:

  1. literal raw: you can use weapons with it
  2. you can’t use weapons and you count as unarmed (-1D)
  3. you can’t use weapons but append that you don’t count as unarmed to the spell description… wielding a weapon supersedes the spell because you are now armed.
  4. it’s a weapon, you can be disarmed by the same logic that a ghoul’s claws can be disarmed

I’m comfortable with 3 or 4, and my guess is that 4 was intended. I wouldn’t be comfortable with 1 or 2, they seem to break the spirit of the spell.

Spells in Conflicts​, page 44.

Missed that, thanks. One quesiton about it though. It still doesn’t say whether Eldritch Darts count as a weapon. It specifically says so in the Veil of the Chameleon description, but not in Eldritch Darts… However, I suppose it’s safe to assume that it is?

Also, yep, says right there that you cannot disarm a spell.

Thanks, Thor.

So, RAW says Eldritch Darts isn’t a weapon, (and even if it was, it couldn’t be disarmed). I assume whether you can use other weapons with Darts depends on the weapon. Presumably if you have some terrain-like “Weapon” like a barricade, you could make use of it while using Eldritch Darts, but I assume that using a sword with it is cheaty.

Also, Choosing Weapons​, page 69.

So… is that a “yes it’s a weapon” or a “no, you’re right Fuseboy, it’s not a weapon, and you can use any other weapon with it for that reason as long as you can justify it as a GM”? It does say there that you have to pick your spells as part of choosing your weapon, but i’m still not 100% on whether that specific spell is considered a weapon or whether it just changes what skill you use when attacking… (which is certainly not how it’s described)

Looking at 69 and 44 together, I think the answer is sorta.

You get to use only one weaponish thing, spell, weapon or shield, for the exchange, so no, you can’t combine vaguely weapon-like spells and anything else weapon-like. Spells are not disarmable.

Yes. But I don’t think it’s beyond the pale if you have a terrain effect for instance, like you mentioned, that you can use in conjunction with a weapon. For instance, the characters might be defending a spiral stair case in a castle, which is designed to make it possible for the soldiers at the top to attack and defend while the soldiers at the bottom have difficulty doing either. So maybe the GM provides a situational benefit (or penalty?) to Attack and Defend while characters are on the stairs above their opponents? Maybe you can change your relative position on the stairs with a Maneuver?

For now, that kind of additional complexity lies purely in the purview of the GM.

I’m okay with that. But basically you’re saying that it is a weapon… which is fine.