It's Not My Fault!

Those of you who have preordered Mouse Guard from IPR have already received an apology letter from them regarding the preorder delays.

As many of you know, I’m not the publisher for Mouse Guard. I just wrote the damn thing. However, I do feel personally responsible for all of this. (The preorders were, ultimately, my idea.) I feel like a let a group of friends down.

I tried to guarantee that the preorders had their books long before stores did, but ultimately, that was all out of my control.

All I can say is that I’m sorry. You’ll have your books soon!


Hmmm… no note from IPR here, but that’s okay, you & they managed to hook us up with PDFs at the earliest possible opportunities, and the nice printed things will be along eventually! Thanks, Luke!

Nor here. At least not as of yesterday, neither by snail or email.

But then, I printed out the PDF to run from, so I’m not hurting over it. I’m loving MG.

Not that we can try out freemarket yet, either.

Did you decline to receive correspondence from IPR?

Not that I’m aware of; they notified me of a revision on something else…

Allow PUBLISHERS is yes. I didn’t sign up for their regular feeds.

It’s on the RSS feed on their frontpage, too.

Im signed up to the IPR newsletter and got correspondence about it. I didnt even preorder (sorry IPR charge too much for postage to OZ, Im waiting for it to appear elsewhere). Maybe they only sent the note to subscribers and not to people who made the preorder?

I got my PDF right away, but probably declined to be contacted - and haven’t been.

Yeah, no contact here, either. That’s good to know, though. I’m gonna have to change the address it’s shipping to since I’m moving next week.

Since I didn’t get the message, what’s the word on when they’re expecting it to ship?

Mid Jan

I did get a letter - I’ll dig it up when I get home - in short it was an apology, a brief explaination about getting screwed by the Man (which I’m famliar with)
all-in-all a nice FYI letter - classy.

I got. It was nice:

We here at Indie Press Revolution wanted to offer an apology.

We have been hearing from the field that copies of the MouseGuard RPG have been showing up on Comic and FLGS store shelves for just under a week now. That came not only as a surprise for us, but a concern as well since we have yet to receive any copies to send out to you. This is an issue we take seriously, as many of you have entrusted us with your pre-orders. We don’t take that lightly. At all. When you pre-order from IPR, you do it in the faith that you book will be shipped to you with immediacy, and with the peace of mind that you will have it when it becomes available. In this case, copies were made available to another channel of distribution before we got your pre-orders in. It’s frustrating, and we do appreciate your patience in the matter. We hope to have your books in short order, and will process the orders as soon as we get the books in hand.

We did expect a small delay on this product (and the publisher has planned all along to include a free issue of the Mouse Guard comic as a thank-you for your preorder), but due to customs delays, and now some trouble getting the publisher’s primary warehouse to ship copies to us, the delay went from “small” to “large”, meaning we had nothing to ship by the originally-anticipated late December timeframe. Right now we’re hoping to ship by mid-January, but we still haven’t gotten tracking information on our shipment.

To some extent, this is a classic example of another distributor (the primary warehouse) leveraging its corporate-giant position of strength to put the squeeze on the little guy (that’s us). The fact that so many of you have so agreeably had our back on this one is truly fantastic.

Our hosting provider isn’t doing us any favors lately either, having dropped the ball multiple times on getting our secure SSL certificate updated since before Christmas. We anticipate them finally getting this fixed soon as well, and have been pleased some of our customers have still been willing to place orders during our period of technical difficulties.

Again, the owners of Indie Press Revolution not only appreciate your pre-orders, but your continual support. If there’s anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know.

Thank you, so much!

The IPR Support Team

I knew there was something hooky going on when a shop in New Zealand gets hold of copies before those who preordered! Oh well, as a previous poster said, at least we have the PDFs and we now know what’s going on.

I would also like to add that I was very sorry to hear about this. Like Luke, it’s out of my control. I hope those of you who pre-ordered with the .pdf are having fun and can be patient while it gets sorted out.

Yeah, having the PDF makes all the difference in the world. :slight_smile:

Just checked IPR:


That stinks that the comic got held up. I feel for the guys at IPR having to sort through all of this. Do pre-orders get maps of the Mouse Territories, too, or am I mis-remembering this?

the maps are printed on the inside of the dustjacket

Further update from IPR

Mouse Guard Shipping Effort Continues

An update on the Mouse Guard preorder shipment effort…

The second half of last week was used to prep all the packages, get the proper customs forms filled out for international shipments, and make sure we had the right packaging supplies on hand for this odd-sized book. As we already said, we also had to get the bonus comic book in from the publisher (it ran a touch late and out of sync with the RPG shipment), and make sure we were pairing that up with every copy of the RPG.

Shipments were then fully assembled and sent throughout the weekend as possible. Postal orders of course ran smack into Martin Luther King day, aka, a day of no postal work. Many Fedex and UPS shipments did make it out, though. Wrap-up will likely continue through to Wednesday, and we hope to start sending out the shipping notices once we have the full summary from the shipper shortly thereafter.

Thanks, David. For some reason, I thought the pre-orders came with more goodies than just the free comic. I must have misunderstood something.

Well…it’s the 21st and still no sign of my preordered book. :frowning: