Journey to Hadrian's Rock, Session Zero

Hadrian’s Rock was founded as a fortress to oversee the rich mines of the Gold Hills. With Orcs and Giants to the northwest, and the Chaos Worshippers of the Slaver Coast to the Northeast, you can never be too careful.

When the Flood hit Amhurst, the realms of Men were thrown into turmoil. The slavers of Gilthorne laid seige to Hadrian’s Rock, but disease and hunger brought down keep and besieging army both.

Now the riches of the Rock lay there for the taking, but it is rumored that other Things now inhabit the rock.

We set out to make characters! Only one player (Tim) had played before, and he at my first Torchbearer outting at Chicago Games Day. Brendan and Abram had both started to read up on the rules.

Our heroes include:

Wildflower Proudfoot (Shari), a Halfling Burglar from Blytheford.
Belief: Every group travels on its stomach.
Instinct: When we rest, cook a meal.

Namida (Abram), an Elven Ranger from Lewlonmudra (“How do you spell Lewlonmudra?” “Exactly like it sounds.”)
Belief: The group is more important than the individual.
Instinct: Whenever we camp, share a trick with my allies.

Lavian (Sabe), a Human Cleric of Law from Bramkirk
Belief: To preserve the light, we must burn out the darkness where it lives and breeds. (This is my favorite belief out of the whole batch.)
Instinct: When we make camp, search out a source of water.

Grimwold (Tim), a Dwarven Adventurer from the Citadel, but born of parents who died at Hrothgar’s Folly.
Belief: We will always win, whatever the cost.
Instinct: Always be on guard for an ambush.

Peel (Brendan), a Human Wizard from Grimstone Tower, a Loner, Tough and Cool
Belief: Magic makes everything better!
Instinct: Always make a map.

Aria (Misha), a Human Thief from the Gilthorne, Jewel of the Slavecoast, former prostitute and madam-in-training.
(By Gilthorne law, only a woman may take another woman slave, and the brothels are run by women)
Belief: If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.
Instinct: When exploring a place, always look for traps.

There was massive fretting over who was going to carry what- whether they had enough light, food, or backups of essential things like tinderboxes, who was going to be carrying what (several characters are actually starting the game carrying small sacks full of useful supplies). Abram was dissapointed when he learned you cannot wear rope on your head. The halfling asked if her feet slot was empty, could she store an extra ration there? (NO!) Discussion over whether stakes and mallet were needed if a vampire was encountered, and it was decided the best thing to do if a vampire was encountered was to run.

We started around 7 to 7:30, and finished around 9:30. We decided rather than play for half an hour, we would go in full throttle next session.

I like the set up for Hadrian’s Rock. Very apocalyptic!

One question, what does the Elf’s “share a trick” instinct mean ?

The Elf’s instinct is to allow him to sneak in a Mentor test whenever they make camp.

Ah, of course. Cheers!

“Magic makes everything better!” looks like a delicious belief to challenge. (Also, “We will always win, whatever the cost.”)