[Kerrn] What kind of accent is it?

For some reason, everytime I read any dialogue from a Kerrn character, I keep hearing it in my head as if it was being spoken by “Ahhnold”. You know:

“Huhree! Get in ze grahv sled! Do eet! Nahhhow!”

And yet, I’ve got this niggling feeling that just can’t be right… right?


EDIT: bonus artha points if someone actually records an impression and posts it somewhere :twisted:

We’ve generally been kind of doing the Gollum thing.

“We hates ze slaves!”

Mainly because of the long ‘sssssssss’ sounds.

I always imagined it as Polish!

Well Merrit, Chris himself channels Ahhnold when he plays a Kerrn. So you’re not too far off the mark.


Heh, now I’ve got to find a way to make a Kerrn a planetary governer…

Jah, itz ahnold, preddy much. Imagine a whole race of ahnold philosiphurs mit giant swohds and green skin and you’re dere.


Hmmmm. Perhaps we can arrange for an mp3 tutorial guide to the Kerrn dialect from Chris.


this can be the supplement to the forthcoming “Alexander Newman Reads the World Burner” audio book.

Man, Ah-nold was exactly what I head in my head when I first read Gopher’s dialogue. But then I thought, “Nah, I can’t do that if I play a Kerrn. It’d be too goofy.”

Now that I know Chris does it, well… :slight_smile:

What is odd (and probably disturbing) is I envisioned a Jamaican accent of all things :oops:

Get thee behind me, Jar-Jar!


Ok, I just wanna say, this is totally awesome.

It’s time to rehash all those classic movies: Kernn-mando, Running Kerrn, Kerrn-dagarten Cop, The Kerrninator 1-3 and of course, Kerrn-ules in New York!

Ok, all bad puns aside and in all seriousness, I gotta ask, “Kerrn, what is best in life?”


It was the Solzjah that did it. :lol:


Kerrn the Destroyer is coming for you, wizard.