Lances--are they in there somewhere?

Hey there, Torchbearer community!

I’m wicked excited that I have my hard copy of the rules. I’ve read the book front to back, and I’m getting my friends worked up to play it. However, one thing has caught my attention: While there are a few references to lances (Burglars can’t use them, and riding allows you to use them in mounted combat?), they are not listed in any equipment tables or given rules in the gear section. So, I’m thinking either A) they were removed, but references to them were not (I could see letting players use any kind of weapon in mounted conflict. Horse archers are hella rad), or B) lances should be involved but are not!

I couldn’t find any other posts about this with a search, so I was wondering if maybe I’m just missing something.

There have been many hints that more Torchbearer books are planned for the near or distant future. It has been suggested that these books may include, among other things, higher level benefits and using armies in conflicts. I would guess that the use of lances will be in that mix somewhere too, possibly in a section that details mounted combat? This first book is about lowly adventurers scrounging in the mud. I imagine things will get a lot more epic as the Torchbearer franchise expands, and the literal torch may become a metaphorical heroic flame! For now, I would just treat a lance as a spear.

Thanks for the quick response, JB.

Given the mention of further levels for players, spells, etc., I had considered that it might come out in a later book. I guess I was just a bit put off by it being mentioned in a few spots but not seeing anything along the lines of “to be found in a later book.” :slight_smile:

lanceum is the Latin word for spear. As you might guess from this, the only real distinction is that you call it a lance when used from horseback, specifically when couched.

+2d for Attack when mounted

Thanks for the stats, Praion! Is this a house rule, Burning Wheel core, or something I missed somewhere in Torchbearer?

Aproximation based on Mouse Guard experience and what makes sense.
So a House Rule basically.
I could see it having the “bow” rule as well. Making attacks versus against anything but bows and spears…