According to the “Language-Wise” section on pg. 21 if you have a specific monster wise then you’re able to engage them with arguments, riddles, speeches, negotiations, etc. But if you don’t have the appropriate wise, you can’t.

I’m just wondering how that works in a conflict, assuming only one person has the specific-wise. Is it just hand-waved and everyone can still participate in the conflict as long as the conflict captain has the right wise?

“The goblin just said your mother…”

“Negotiations over. Attack!”

“She said that your mother raised a unique human. One who does not just kill every goblin it sees. Oh well…” (draws sword)

Personally, I wouldn’t let a player participate in the conflict unless they could reliably communicate. I might allow a player unskilled in the language to give a helping die if I buy the description, but that’s definitely not a gimme.

Having a magician in your party with Wisdom of the Sages memorized is no small thing.

Good to know!

Yeah, that’s pretty powerful stuff, indeed.

When we did this (with Thor present, IIRC), we allowed everyone to participate by assuming the speaker was acting as a translator. Anyone who couldn’t speak the language suffered a +1 Ob/-1s penalty on their actions.

And I’ll take that again if I’m a player!

I love the little insights into playtest sessions and the “love” between the various BWHQ folk that occasionally leak out through this forum. :slight_smile: