Learned vs. Known Spells

pats you on back; hands you dagger and toga

Destroying a spellbook is a super lame twist in all but a few situations. I would much, much rather have your casting go awry and have your character write belief’s about repairing the carnage wrought by it.

People have strong feelings on that!

I’m not afraid of losing the book. One of the best sessions I ever played in was bookless, in a game system that is far, far less generous than Torchbearer in this regard.

Don’t gun for the spellbook every time, nor destroy it every time. But if it falls out of their inventory for a few turns, that’s genuinely interesting. It’s the Torchbearer equivalent of the baby on the construction site: instant suspense? And if someone is carrying three spellbooks, I think it’s fair to say they should appreciate the risk involved.

And let’s remember, Torchbearer is a game that gives magic users all of the tools they need to be competent in multiple areas of the game.

And heck, I’d take the fighter’s sword in a twist too. Why not?

That’s why I said in all but a few situations and not, “never do this.”

Also, what wizard has the space for 3 spellbooks?

Glory to the Short Folk was talking about hauling spellbooks upthread. I don’t think I would have the willpower as GM not to mess with that. :slight_smile:

Related to this question and something I can’t seem to find, do you know how many spells a Magician can keep in one Spell Book?

A spell book is essentially a container with five slots (see Traveling spell book on page 40). Spells take up slots equal to their Circle. So one traveling spell book can hold five 1st Circle spells, or two 2nd Circle spells and a 1st Circle spell, or one 2nd Circle spell and one 3rd Circle spell, etc.

Oh heavens no, I think we can all agree if you’re running around with nine of the things that’s just asking for tragedy. But I do believe at this point we’ve gotten well away from the original point of the discussion.

Thor, when you learn a spell off of a scroll, do you need to return to your library before it is “known”, or can you turn around and make a scroll of the newly learned spell?

Once you’ve learned the spell, it’s known. No need to return to your library. The benefit of the library is that you can reconfigure your traveling spell books without testing.


Thanks Thor!