Let it Ride and Advancement Tracking in Extended Conflicts

So, I’m working on a custom character sheet for BWG. It’s just a hobby of mine. I know I talked about this ages ago, but I recently got a new computer capable of running much better software, so I started over from scratch.

I’m trying to bring added functionality to the character sheet, and had a couple ideas:

  1. A place to log skill test results for Let it Ride situations (because sometimes the results of your previous skill test have to be compared to different Obs).

  2. A place to log advancement in extended conflicts (because multiple tests per skill only allow one advancement test).

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

So, you’d jot down test results in the “LiR” box when you know it’s something you might have to consult later. The “R D C” under that box is where you record tests during extended conflicts. Just circle the relevant letter, and after the conflict, record the highest test attained.

My question is: would these features ever be used? Does anybody ever actually write down their Let it Ride test results? Do you find it difficult to remember or track multiple skill tests in an extended conflict? I need to decide what format to lay out the skills and stats with before I can continue with the sheet.

And yes, I work in greyscales. I hate seeing a mess of black all over the page.

Thanks. ~ Dean

We used to have LiR bubbles on the character sheets. I don’t think I ever saw them used. Regardless, you don’t record advancements for LiR.
And while I like the idea of tracking difficulty for Fight, DoW and R&C why have the RDC repeated? You could do the same thing by just circling the RDC on the left.


Awesome, that’s what I wanted to hear. Thanks!

Ah, I meant recording advancements for extended conflicts, not for LiR. I had an earlier version of the character sheet that recorded them in a different way, but changed it when I added the LiR box. So, gonna have to change it again, cuz the LiR box is getting kicked to the curb.

You’re right of course, need something more elegant than repeats. But I’d like to incorporate something there if I can find a way that is not space consuming and/or ugly. Might not include that in the end, who knows.

Thanks for the quick reply. ~ Dean

New version, sans Let it Ride box, with extended conflict test tracking off to the left. Also, the entire area is a bit smaller … I shrunk down the Artha bubbles to fit. Haven’t printed a test page yet, might be too small, will find out later.

Again, just wanna know if the extra feature would be useful for anybody.

(Edit: these numbers are off, see Dean’s post, below, for the right ones.)

For advancement, one thing that would killer useful would be if the bubbles had skill exponents in them. The four Routine bubbles would have 1,2,3,4 in them. The Difficults would have 2,4,6,8,9 in them. The Challengings would have 5,7,9. Whenever you’ve crossed off all bubbles with your current exponent, you advance. Well, not quite - you still have to remember that you do need at least one D and/or C test, and you do need to remember whether it’s D AND C or D OR C (though that’s not too hard). You also need to remember when you don’t need Routines any more.

Even so. Let’s say, for example, you’ve got one test of each variety. Your bubbles would look like:

Routine: X234
Difficult: X4689
Challenging: X79

If you have exponent 4, you can see at a glance that you need 3 Routines. (You just have to remember that you don’t need that one Difficult because the Challenging covers it for skills exponents 1-4.) If your exponent was 8, on the other hand, you can see you need three Difficults and one Challenging.

Some indication of whether you need Tools, and whether they’re Expendable would be nice.

I always do my extended tracking off my character sheet. Having played 25 sessions of Burning Ahimsa now, I’m getting to the point where I need to seriously think about getting a new character sheet because of all the erasing is eating through the paper! Especially for beliefs and artha. (This makes me wonder whether artha should be some sort of track, where you tick off boxes to indicate you have artha, then cross them out when you spend them.)

Hmmmm… Some good ideas there, Fuseboy. Not sure if they’ll all work, but I will try them out and see.

Writing the exponents in the bubbles might be doable, but the numbers’d be damned small. I’m trying hard to keep the sheet legible for people with mediocre eyesight. The images I posted above are MUCH bigger than what I have on the actual sheet. I’m using 12 and 8 point fonts for the most part, 6 where absolutely necessary. I’ll have to play around with it, but I seriously doubt I’ll be able to cram the numbers in. Don’t wanna mix too many fonts on the page either.

I’m taking a different approach to advancement tracking with this sheet. It will be a booklet style character sheet, maybe three or four A4 pages folded in half. I have all three full advancement tracking tables on the bottom of the inside of the first page. Artha is displayed there too. The PTGS is displayed on the bottom of the inside of the last page, along with a wound tracker, and some bubbles to track current wounded dice and Ob penalties. Then, all the stat and skill pages go in the middle of the booklet, except that the bottom third of these pages is cut off. End result: you can see the advancement tracker, your current Artha, your PTGS, and your current wound penalties from any page that has skills, stats, or attributes on it. Should hopefully make for very quick reference in-game to all the rules you need most often.

An indicator for whether you need tools is a good idea. What did you mean by expendable? The tools are expendable? The skill is?

A full Artha tracker with umpteen bubbles is probably not gonna happen. Maaaaaybe. Three different tracks for three different kinds of Artha would make the sheet pretty cluttered, and I’ve heard some GMs tell of players hoarding up to 15 FP at a time.

IMHO, easier to just print off and fill in a new sheet when the paper gets worn thin. Although I always make a point of printing on some good-quality, sturdy paper, something with a good grain.

Thanks for the input!!! I will definitely check about writing exponents in the tracking bubbles. Might be a good way to do it.

Some skills require tools (as you know); in Gold, some of these are classified “Expendable”. Herbalism “tools” being one example. Every time you use the skill you need to roll DoF - on a 1, the toolkit is used up.

Ah, nice catch. I love the intricate rules additions. Every time I look in that book, I’m always finding something new.

What I think I’ll do is to mark up elements that use special rules with little icons like on John Anderson’s sheets, and then display the legend at the bottom of the page under the PTGS. I’ll make the icons for “open-ended”, “requires tools”, and “requires expendable tools” be simple in form, so that they’re easy for players to draw to mark up their own skills.

Again, just wanna know if the extra feature would be useful for anybody.

Sorry, not to me.

The character sheet is already loaded with enough information to add more.

Will include also all the Clumsy Weight penalties in it? Actual character sheets only have Stealthy, Perception, Speed and Agility penalties, and no Climbing, Health or Forte for Fatigue, Throwing/Shooting and Swimming penalties.

The rule was also in Revised, it is just expanded in Gold.

Hmm… Looking at this again. Seems to me your numbers are off. Shouldn’t it be like this:

Routine: 1 2 3 4
Difficult: 1 3 5 7 9
Challenging: 1 6 8

In this way, once you cross off all the bubbles that match your current exponent, you advance. Skill exponents <=5 don’t count routines, and skill exponents >=4 need only either the difficulties or the challenging.

In regards to the other comment about clumsy weight penalties: yes, I’ll include space for them, but not in the skill/stat list itself. Reason being that skills are written in by the player. Rather, I’ll make a space for them in the armor section, and make an easily drawable icon the player can put beside the clumsy skills, to mark them as “Clumsy Weight Applies”.

Yes, you’re quite right! I didn’t check to see that it worked for all exponents, my bad. Once you cross off all the bubbles that match your current exponent or less.

But your > and < are backwards! Together we will rule the world! (Or misplace it.)

Bah, I always confuse those things. Stupid math symbols, messing’ with my brain.

I did a test, and the idea is viable, though it looks a tad crowded. I might go with it. I’ve unfortunately just noticed a fatal pagination error upon doing a test print, however, and will have to start from scratch yet a third time. forehead slap

(One easy way to remember is that the big end of the symbol points to the larger quantity; the small, pointy end goes with the smaller quantity.)

The way this is frequently taught to children is to draw an alligator face with an open mouth. The alligator always eats as much as it can.

Yeah, I know it. But there’s nothing on the other end! It’s empty!

Meh, I’ve always pretty much detested math. I stopped taking math classes entirely as soon as they were no longer required. I only recently got interested in it again when I started studying how dice mechanics work. ^^