Level 2-5 benefits for Paladin and Thief?

Sorry if I missed this, but were these ever posted anywhere? The Kickstarter thank-you PDFs show their starting options, but I don’t see anything for past level 1. I have a player who wants to be a Paladin in an upcoming game, and if I have to make up his advancement rules I will (I figure do like the ranger, and give the choice of “learn a Cleric spell, or learn a more standard ability” and just crib from the Warrior list for the latter), but if there was an Official Vision for those bonus classes’ advancement, I’d love to have it revealed unto me.


They’re coming

Curses! Here I thought they’d be in the expansions section. My bad. Thanks for the tip!


No problem! I think it bespeaks to how much I stalk the forums…

OK, I’ve got a Thief in my game that might be hitting Level 2 soon, so here’re the hacked level benefits I’m going with, assuming the official ones don’t come out beforehand. Suggestions and critiques welcome - at least, before she actually levels up. :slight_smile:

Level 2:

Streetwise: A good thief knows where and with whom to conduct her business. You may make one Personal Business test in the Town phase without raising your lifestyle obstacle.

Strapped: Thieves always surprise people with what they’re carrying. You can conceal a single small object on your person. You gain a seventh inventory location generically located “on body” that has a single inventory slot; it can hold a dagger, or any other item that goes in your pack.


No word on the bonus class official level benefits yet, eh? Wound up not having a Paladin, but the Thief has the rewards to hit Level 3, so I have a session or two until she returns to town to devise the next set of benefits. I’m thinking something like:

Bold: The Thief gains +1D to recover from Afraid. Never let 'em see you sweat!

Skirmisher: As the Warrior ability.


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They’re the level benefits, aren’t they? They are, aren’t they?

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